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  • Welcome to the CIPHER software information site

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    This site will provide up to date information concerning the CIPHER software application including version descriptions and contact information.

    The CIPHER software application was developed to support Hidden Information and Search Phrase identification within specific electronic files. CIPHER supports Trusted Download and Export Compliance processes.

    The CIPHER application has won numerous awards and has been recognized by various government agencies in recent years.

New Training Event

CIPHER training in St Louis has been scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday June 10th  and 11th  Please feel free to email Greg Smith for Details.

Demo Version Now Available

A demo version for CIPHER 5.3.1 in now available. The trial allows users to test basic functionality of CIPHER for identifying issues in various documents.

The CIPHER trial include support for; Office 2007, 2010, 2013, Text/ASCII, Outlook (OFT/MSG)

The following functionality will be Disabled.

  • Search Phrases Functionality Disabled: importing or adding more than 5 phrases.
  • Search Phrases Marking Functionality Disabled: adding and editing search phrase markings.
  • Search Phrases Files Functionality Disabled: adding, removing, loading and saves for search phrase files.
  • Search Phrases Attributes Functionality Disabled: ignore white space, match prefix, match suffix, wild cards, sounds like, find all word forms, ignore punctuation, replace entire sentence and negate find.
  • Search Space Functionality Disabled: enabling/disabling
  • User Preferences Functionality Disabled: class names, location information, interim log save, highlight occurrence incident, view application traversal, recombine zip files, pass through unsupported files and view traversal details.
  • Options Functionality Disabled: analyze embedded file, include CIPHER properties, include document classification, include document markings, include digital signature, log action save, log action save on warning, file action save, file action save on waring.
  • Application Information Functionality Disabled: any changes to application information, add to text application and analyze as text.
  • Configurations Functionality Disabled: edit, create shortcut, create, selection any configuration other than 1 or 2.
  • Configuration Functionality Disabled: scenario buttons, all/none buttons, resolve options and category enable /disable
  • Main Window Functionality Disabled: resolve button and resolve on the fly (via log)

o request a trial CD or access to trail download, click ‘Contact’ and provide your contact details.  A CD will be mailed to the address provided.

Version 5.3.1 Released!

CIPHER Version 5.3.1 was update in May of 2015.

This release includes support for the following application file types;

  • Office 2007/2010/2013
  • Adobe acrobat
  • Outlook
  • Visio
  • Project
  • text files

This release includes support for the following functionality;

  • Log Display – CIPHER utilizes a tree view display to allow users to expand or contract log information within categories and groups of information
  • XML Style sheet – allows display of log within an internet explorer “as viewed in CIPHER”
  • Log Quick Display – allows quick log content configuration
  • New Search Space environment – supports refining where CIPHER looks
  • Updated Search Phrase environment – now uses data grid interface
  • Extended Search Phrase Attributes – now support extended attributes to refine the search
  • New search phrase test environment – supports the definition and execution of user defined search phrase test cases
  • Updated Application Options environment – now uses data grid interface
  • Enhanced status bar information – supports additional in process information (5 sections)
  • New Configurations environment – allows users to edit/create/select configurations
  • New ability to “Resolve on the fly” – supports immediate resolution
  • Tighter integration with Adobe Acrobat – provides improved end user interaction
  • Extended analysis to Project and Visio – expands CIPHER application coverage
  • Extended ZIP file expansion – supports z, Z, RAR, GZ, ZIP, and other formats
  • Conversion of UNICODE text to ANSI as needed – supports UNICODE file analysis
  • Expanded Application Information environment – supports application configuration


For more information, please visit the ‘Version Information’ page